• Ultragreen


    The most-trusted, best-selling monofilament available. Exceptionally strong and extremely durable. The right line for every fishery.

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  • Chameleon


    Adaptive color changing technology allows Chameleon to match the color hues of surrounding water. Outstanding abrasion resistance.

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  • Crystal Ivory

    Crystal Ivory

    Distinctive golden color makes it immediately visible above water, even in low light, yet super stealth-like underwater. Superior strength.

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  • Braid 8

    Braid 8

    Design for night or low light fishing situations. Glows with black light. Soft and limp for use on both spinning and casting reels.

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  • HV (High Visibility)

    HV (High Visibility)

    The world’s finest, high visibility monofilament line. Allows anglers to easily track line location while drifting, trolling, jigging or cranking.

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  • IGFA Class

    IGFA Class

    Meets IGFA rule requirements for tournaments where specific weight standards for breakage are in force. Available in three types.

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  • Fluorocarbon


    The most invisible underwater line. Low refractive material with non-flash components excels in clear water fisheries or when fish are easily spooked.

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  • Treazure


    A low-stretch copolymer line with extreme abrasion resistance and sensitivity. Ideal for heavy cover, rocky or barnacle-encrusted locations.

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  • Clear


    Clear above the surface and clear below. Incredibly strong and easy handling. Super soft, yet retains Maxima’s tough, high-durability finish.

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  • Braid 8

    Braid 8

    Constructed with proprietary, 8-yarn round braiding technology. The micro-fibers interweave extremely tight and rounder than most other braids.

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  • Leader Wheels & Coils

    Leader Wheels & Coils

    Ultra-convenient, pocket-sized spools. Available in most Maxima high performance line types. Perfect for smaller tackle boxes and fishing vests.

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What they are saying about Maxima

  • "Grand Rapids, MI

    This is by far the best line on the market! I have yet to find anything that can match it's abrasion resistance, knot strength, or overall durability! I'm not afraid to use this stuff for…

  • "Boulder, CO

    Maxima Ultragreen 8lb test is my favorite. I have tried the braided, fluro's etc and I keep coming back. I have caught many Northerns without a wire leader, without breaking. Casts extremely well. So, I…

  • "Salem, OR

    Maxima is the one and only fishing line I have used for years for ALL my fishing. Qualities I demand and appreciate in fishing lines include: Durability, smooth casting, strength, no memory, color and quality……

  • "Terre Haute, IN

    I used Chameleon line for steelhead using 8 lb test. Real strong. Caught an hitting rocks and everything else that got in the way, trees and lay downs. I am going to replace my…

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