James Watson

Maxima Pro Staff

James Watson is another fast-moving angler on the FLW Tour. So fast in fact, Watson moved from a 130th ranking in 2012 to 23rd last year. He looks to 2014 as his breakout opportunity. “Having great support from sponsors like Maxima Fishing Line is the final tool I’ve needed in my tackle box. Maxima line has been on my reels since day one.” said Watson.


Casey Scanlon

Maxima Pro Staff

Scanlon has been putting the heat on his fellow competitive anglers since winning the very first tournament he fished as a teenager. Casey’s power fishing tactics and nonstop energy have opened a wide swath of opportunity on the Elite tour for the young angler.  “It’s no surprise that we favor anglers that understand the subtle differences fishing line can make,” said Operations Manager, Zach Schoonover.




Known primarily for his success in flipping mats, Ish has relied on braided line for his hook’em and haul’em out of heavy cover technique. “Maxima’s Braid 8 makes all the difference. I can fish the smaller diameter 50-pound braid when most guys are using 65-pound or larger,” says Ish. “I can cast more accurately and have absolute confidence when yarding out double-digit bass out of heavy grass and hydrilla.”


Lacey DeWeert

Maxima Pro Staff

Lacey is a rare combination of captain, chemist and fish catcher. She operates her Total Fisherman Guide Service in the summer and on weekends, and teaches high school chemistry during the school year. She’s on the Maxima Pro Team because she understands the science, the inner-secrets and the social requirements to be one of the top anglers in the region. Lacey's prowess at putting fish in the boat, while having a good time, is nothing short of amazing!


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